MGK aims to provide the best service to its users/customers and understand their needs and requirements. The motto of the Company is to satisfy its users/customers by providing them exactly what they need; however, there might still be scope of certain changes to be opted to satisfy its users/customers. In case, you are not satisfied with the services of MGK, please feel free to let us know about your grievance. MGK is committed to providing a hassle-free experience to its users/customers and maintain an impartial approach when it comes to dispute/grievance redressal.

Our staff undergoes regular training to ensure that consumers queries and grievances are handled properly. They are encouraged to work in a manner which helps us in building the consumer trust and confidence. This reflects in both the operations as well as the customer communications. All the reasons behind the consumer queries are properly analysed and then worked upon in a way which aims at removal of these reasons from their root. This helps in improving the overall quality of the service levels gradually. This Grievance Policy is made for the timely resolution of the grievance of the users/customers of MGK.

The users/customers in case of any grievance with respect to any of the features/services provided on MGK may opt for the below stated redressal mechanism and MGK will try to resolve the grievance within 30 days of the receipt of your grievance. To convey your grievances, you are requested to please send us an e-mail stating the details of your grievance on the below mentioned e-mail address and if in case we need any clarification with regards to the details of your grievance, we will get back to you.


Name and Designation of the relevant Officer:          Yudhisthir Sharma (Operations & Business Head)

Email ID:                                                               

Contact Number:                                                           9711000413

NOTE: The acknowledgement of the grievance will be communicated to the customer within 48 hours of the receipt of the same.

NOTE: Customer shall be provided with a ‘reference number’ for each complaint filed by them, vide which they will be able to track the current status of their complaint.