What is MyGoldKart platform?
  • Introduced by the well renowned Kundan Group, MyGoldKart is an easy to use and access online platform on which one can buy and sell gold/silver anytime, anywhere within India.
  • It is available to use as a Website & as a Mobile App.
  • The platform gives you the flexibility to buy and sell gold/silver at as less as Rs. 1 with no maximum limit.
  • With MyGoldKart, you may choose to redeem your accumulated Gold/Silver or even get it delivered to your doorstep.
Where can I learn more about MyGoldKart in detail?
  • General information about the Kundan Group - the company and brains behind this wonderful initiative can be found on www.kundangroup.com
  • Please visit our website www.mygoldkart.com to learn more about the platform, how it works and how easy it is to buy & sell gold/silver on it.
Why is MyGoldKart a good option to buy & sell digital gold/silver?
  • Buy/Sell anywhere anytime, instantaneously .
  • Easy 5 Step Process: Register, Sign-In, Select Payment Mode & Buy/Sell Gold & Silver .
  • Buy for as low as Rs.1 .
  • The purchased gold is stored in secure vaults of BRINKS .
  • The gold/silver can be converted to physical gold at any given time .
  • Instant certification & receipt for every purchase/buy .
  • The physical gold can be delivered to your doorstep at any time at nominal delivery charges .
  • It can be redeemed for cash or wallet balance by using the Buy Back Scheme .
  • It can be redeemed in the form of jewellery, coins, bars from our online or offline partners .
  • Guaranteed 99.99% 24K pure gold from Kundan Refinery .
  • MyGoldKart also has a gifting feature which allows customers send & receive gifts of digital or physical gold to their loved ones through our app or website.
How do I create an account with the MyGoldKart platform?
  • Visit the MGK website or download the app .
  • Click the login button .
  • Choose the Sign-up Option .
  • Fill in & verify the requested details .
  • Create your secret password .
  • Once registration is complete, you can start buying or selling gold & silver through MyGoldKart .
What are the business hours of the MyGoldKart platform?
  • MyGoldKart is accessible to all, 24*7, all days of the week, all year round, through our website or our app.
  • Customer Service timings are from 10 AM – 6 PM, Monday to Saturday.
How can I download the MyGoldKart app on my phone?
  • Open your App Store on your Android or iOS handset .
  • Search for the ‘MyGoldKart’ Application .
  • Verify authenticity with the logo displayed .
  • Ensure that the Publisher is Kundan Group .
What are the eligibility requirements to register on the MyGoldKart platform?
  • Anyone of or above the age of 18 can access MyGoldKart’S services.
  • All you need is a Smartphone or desktop, an internet connection, a valid email address, and a functioning bank account.
Where can I view/download the certificate and invoice, in case of accidental deletion or loss of email?
  • Log in to your account with your username & password
  • Go into ‘My Account’
  • Visit the ‘Order History’ section and find all the documents of your previous transactions & purchases and click on Get Invoice or Get Certificate and you shall receive the same on your registered email address.
  • In case still not found, please contact out customer service team through the live chat facility online or email us on customercare@mygoldkart.com
What can I do if I forgot the password of my MyGoldKart account?
  • Visit the login page
  • Click on ‘Forgot Password’
  • Follow the steps of the process as instructed.
What if I don’t receive the OTP to login after successfully registering on the MyGoldKart platform?
  • Just click on the ‘Resend OTP' option on the login page to generate a new OTP.
How can I unlock my MyGoldKart account, if it gets locked/blocked?
  • Please contact the customer care number, chat with us on live chat or email us on customercare@mygoldkart.com
  • Our team will help you reset your account and password, and you can access your account again.
Where can I view my previous orders & purchase history?
  • Visit the ‘My Account’ section in your profile. View & Download all documents, receipts & certificates of your previous orders or purchases.
Can I cancel a transaction once it has been made?
  • While we respect your preferences and situations, transactions once completed, cannot be cancelled.
How can I see the available balance in my wallet?
  • Please Login to your account to view your wallet balance anytime.
Why do I receive a notification of insufficient balance when I try to complete a transaction?
  • You may not have the required amount to complete the transaction you wish to.
  • Please add the required balance using your desired payment mode, to complete the transaction.
How can I be sure of the purity of digital gold that I purchase through the MyGoldKart platform?
  • All our gold is sourced from Kundan Refinery Pvt. Ltd.
  • Kundan is an established and reputed name in the Precious Metals Industry.
  • We provide instant certification on completion of any transaction.
  • We offer 100% cash back on the gold, jewellery or bullion purchased from us.
Is it safe to make investments in digital gold on MyGoldKart?
  • Investments on MGK are 100% secured, safe and profitable.
  • We have tied up with 2 security & safety partners to ensure the protection & safety of our customers’ wealth & interests.
  • Custodianship of all investments and transactions made through MyGoldKart, lies with our SEBI regulated independent trustee partner – IDBI trusteeship Services Limited.
  • The purchased Gold/Silver is stored in secure vaults by BRINKS - Global Logistics Leader and Vault Provider.
What sort of documentation & proofs do I receive after a transaction?
  • On completion of transaction, we immediately provide instant certification & documents like:
  • GST/Tax Invoice mentioning the amount and quantity of Gold/Silver bought/sold.
  • Certificate issued by our third-party trustee partner, certifying the purchase/buy details as per the transaction.
  • Once the transaction is complete and physical delivery is requested, the trustee authorizes Kundan Gold Private Limited to transport &deliver the physical Gold/Silver from a secured vault of BRINKS to the customer.
What should be done if someone loses their phone on which their MyGoldKart Account is logged in?
  • We suggest you to please contact our customer care service number 9991299999 or email us on customercare@mygoldkart.com
  • Our teams will suspend your account temporarily to avoid any false transactions or loss.
  • Also, please file a formal FIR with the police, for the loss of your phone.
What if money gets deducted from my wallet or bank account for a purchase that was unsuccessful?
  • We suggest you to please contact our customer care service number 9991299999 or email us on customercare@mygoldkart.com
  • Our teams will assist you and reverse/refund the amount to your account.
What is an independent trustee and what is its role?
  • MyGoldKart has partnered with a SEBI regulated trusteeship partner – IDBI Trustee.
  • The IDBI Trusteeship Services would act as an Independent Trustee of MyGoldKart platform.
  • The Independent Trustee acts on behalf of the customers to ensure that their interests are protected and their investments are safe.
  • As an Independent Trustee, IDBI will be the soul controller, overseer and authority in all transactions and by maintaining a no lien (escrow) account for receiving the money from customers and provide all necessary documentation and proofs to safeguard the customers’ wealth.
  • As soon as you place an order and accept the Terms & Conditions, the corresponding quantity of bullion is immediately shifted to a secured vault on your behalf which is certified and verified by the Independent Trustee.
What will happen to my accumulated gold/silver stored in the vaults, if Kundan Gold Pvt Ltd. declares bankruptcy or liquidates?
  • MyGoldKart, its assets, its customers’ wealth & investments and the vaulted gold/silver are completely separate from the assets & liabilities of Kundan Group.
  • In case of a crisis like that, the Independent Trustee – IDBI Trusteeship Services Limited will act on behalf of the customers to protect their wealth and interests.
  • The Independent trustee will have complete control over all investments and transactions of customers.
  • Any redemption or delivery of gold/silver will have to be authorized by the independent trustee.
When & Why is KYC mandatory?
  • As per Indian Government guidelines, any gold/silver related transaction of or above Rs.1, 99,000 require KYC Verification.
  • Getting your KYC done is mandatory under the following circumstances:
  • When you wish to Buy gold/silver valued above Rs.1, 99,000.
  • When you wish to purchase and order physical gold in the form of jewellery, coins or bars valued above Rs. 1, 99,000.
  • When you wish to Sell gold/silver jewellery, coins or bar of value above Rs. 1, 99,000.
  • When you accumulate a Wallet balance of Rs. 1, 99,000 and above.
What are the documents required for KYC verification?
  • KYC verification is mandatory to continue with any transaction on MyGoldKart.
  • Different types of investors would require to verify different types of documents.
  • Customers can upload the scanned copies of any one of the following identity proofs:

Type of Member

KYC Required

Individual/Proprietary Concern/HUF

PAN Card/Voter ID/Passport/Aadhar Card

Partnership Firm/Company

PAN Card

Corporates, Companies, Businesses

GST registration certificate, PAN Card

What are the different payment modes available on MyGoldKart?
  • If you are a registered user on the platform, the following payment modes are available for you:
  • Internet Banking (any bank)
  • Debit Card
  • UPI
  • Mobile Wallets like Mobikwik, Payzapp, Bhim App, Google Pay, Paytm, Phonepe, etc.
  • Credit Cards
  • EMI Cards
Is there a minimum balance that needs to be maintained to keep my MGK Account valid & functioning?
  • No! You can activate and maintain your MyGoldKart account with no minimum balance requirements.
  • However, we strongly advise our customers to keep their balance updated to help create a healthy investment portfolio.
How do I buy or sell gold/silver on the MyGoldKart platform?
  • Login to your account on the MyGolKart Website or App.
  • View & Analyse the live Gold/Silver rates.
  • Choose to Buy or Sell gold/silver by price or grammage.
Is there a lock-in period before I can sell my accumulated gold/silver?
  • Yes! You have to wait for 48 hours before selling the purchased Gold/Silver.
If I sell Gold or Silver on MyGoldKart, when will the amount be credited to my account? What happens if the amount is not credited within the given timeline?
  • Once the transaction is completed, the amount will be credited to your account within 5 working/business days.
  • The amount will be credited within 5 working /business days, provided that your account & bank details are verified and valid.
  • In case all verification is clear, and you still do not receive the money within the given timeline, please contact our customer care team and they will surely assist you.
What is MGK Plan & How does it work? Is it similar to a GOLD Savings Plan?
  • MGK Plan is a good short term or long term investment plan where you can invest a pre-decided amount in a time-based manner, say, weekly, monthly or yearly.
  • MGK Plans is indeed like a GOLD Savings Plan, wherein investors interested in gold can just click and choose an easy access, affordable, no lock-in period investment plan in Gold & Silver, and the rest of the process will be completely taken care of by MyGoldKart.
Why is it a good investment option?
  • MGK Plans is a service by MyGoldKart, curated to make our customer’s investment planning easier and hassle-free.
  • Savings Plans are always a good long term investment plan with which, customers can securely invest a pre-decided amount in a time-based manner - weekly, monthly or yearly.
  • With MGK Plans, all you need to do is just click and choose an investment plan, your desired weekly or monthly investment amount and leave the rest to MyGoldKart. We do the work while you relax & watch your wealth grow.
Why is there a difference in the buying and selling price on the MyGoldKart platform?
  • MyGoldKart platform displays the current price for gold and silver at all times.
  • The noticeable difference in the buying & selling prices of Gold/Silver on our platform is subject to constant change due to various reasons like price volatility, supply, external market conditions, etc.
Is there a lock-in period or extra charges, if I choose to redeem and convert my digital gold into physical gold and delivered to me?
  • There is no lock-in period and you can choose to convert your digital gold into physical gold at any given time.
  • You may choose to get it delivered to your doorstep, anywhere across India at a nominal delivery charge.
How can I redeem my investments?
  • Once logged in, you may visit the Redeem Page on the app or website and chose to redeem your digital gold from our online or offline partners.
  • At any given time, you may choose to redeem your accumulated Gold/Silver in the form of Bank account Transfer, Wallet Credit or in Physical form.
  • Our online partner is ZEYA by Kundan, and we have over 2000 offline partners across India, which you may visit and redeem your gold in physical form in jewellery, coins or bars.
  • You may even choose to get your Gold/Silver delivered directly to your doorstep by ordering physical products from MyGoldKart.
  • Redemption against MGK-wallet is also possible through the Buy-Back scheme.
What is the minimum lock-in period before I can convert my Gold/Silver into physical form?
  • The lock-in period for selling or converting your digital gold into physical form is 48 hours.
Can I use the MyGoldKart platform to send and receive gifts of Gold/Silver in the form of jewelry, coins, or bars to friends and family? What are the terms & conditions?
  • Yes! MyGoldKart Platform offers a gifting service to all its customers through which you may send or receive gifts of digital gold/silver or get physical gold/silver delivered to your doorsteps.
  • If the gifts exceed value of Rs. 1, 99,000 in a single or multiple transactions in a financial year, KYC registration of both the customer and beneficiary is mandatory.
  • The definition of GIFT in this case may be understood in conformance with how GIFT has been defined under the Income Tax Act, 1961.
  • If you choose to get the gift physically delivered your loved ones, an OTP for verification will be sent to your registered mobile number and the delivery person will verify the identity of the recipient with a photograph.
  • In case of delivery of gifts, the contents of the package will have to be verified by the recipient at the time of delivery.
What is the process to gift digital gold on MyGoldKart Platform?
  • Once you’re logged in, you can visit the ‘GIFT’ page of the website or app
  • Choose between Gold & Silver
  • Choose to gift in Rupees or Grams
  • Fill in the required details of the recipient
  • Select the Sticker of your choice and create a custom message
  • Send the gift through MyGoldKart
Can the Gold/Silver be physically delivered safely to me?
  • MyGoldKart offers Safe & Secure Doorstep Delivery of your purchased Gold/Silver.
  • Our logistics partner – BVC Logistics is a well reputed organization which ensures complete safety of the packages through transit.
Is my data & wealth secure on the MyGoldKart platform?
  • We take pride in our state of the art technology inculcated at every step to ensure safety & security of our customer’s wealth.
  • MyGoldKart’s technologically advanced systems & software, ensures encryption and safety of all our customer data.
  • Robust self-verification process before registration or transactions to avoid any identity or financial theft.
  • Partnership with BRINKS – A Global Leader in Logistics and Safe Vault Provider, and a SEBI regulated independent trustee partner – IDBI Trusteeship Services Limited, ensures the complete safety of our customers’ wealth, so that they can trade and invest in full confidence and trust.