Are you thinking about investing in Gold or Silver?

You can opt for digital gold or silver investment rather than buying them offline. Our digital gold plans are designed to please your heart. Our website lets you check the live prices of Gold and Silver in India, so that you don’t miss out on something important.

We have a safe and transparent process. You can trust it to buy 24k 99.99% pure gold online without any second thoughts.
Create custom and wide range of MGK plans to secure your future. You can create a plan to buy digital gold or silver by following three simple steps.

Start by browsing and filling in all the details. Select the bank from the list and provide all the bank details as requested. Finally, verify / confirm your created plans. Invest in better plans today to lead a better life tomorrow.

mgk plan onboard

How to Make a Plan

Browse & Fill Details

Browse to the MGK Plan feature, Enter the Plan Name, Plan Interval and other details required

Provide Bank Details

Select from the list of Accepted Banks, Accept the Terms and Conditions and Create Plan

Existing Plans

View the Plan under Existing Plans

Note: The amount of Gold/Silver for the MGK Plan created shall be based on Live Price as of 12 noon of the chosen Plan Date. For initial 48 hours the Gold / Silver bought under the MGK Plan shall remain in floating balance.