Privacy Policy


MGK welcomes you to the world where buying gold has become easy for all. MGK believes in creating a relation with its customers and thereby respects their privacy.

In order to avail the services, the customers will be required to provide certain information which shall be guided by the Privacy Policy, the terms and conditions of which are detailed herein below. You are requested to kindly go through the same before accepting to be a part of the journey with MGK. The purpose of the Privacy Policy is to make the customers feel at ease of sharing their information without any hesitation and with a belief that the same is within safe hands and will never be misused.


The document below including each of its contents and any other annexure(s)/addendums/forms (if any) attached to the same will be termed as Privacy Policy. MGK reserves the right to amend/modify/substitute any term and condition of the Privacy Policy or the complete Privacy Policy and in case of such amendment/modification/substitution, the customer will be bound by the Privacy Policy in the same manner, as if he/she was bound by the Privacy Policy before such amendment/modification/substitution.

The term ‘customer’ or ’user’ including its plural form can be used inter-changeably to refer to the person who has registered on the online platform/website of MGK in order to avail its services.

The term ‘seller’, ‘Company’ and ‘MGK’ can be interchangeably used to refer to ‘Kundan Gold Private Limited’.

The Document is published for public access and the same shall be construed to be done in compliance with the ‘Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Data or Information) Rules, 2011’ under The Information Technology Act, 2000; that require publishing of the Privacy Policy for collection, use, storage and transfer of sensitive personal data or information.

The customer is advised to read the Privacy Policy in detail with proper care and caution and the act of clicking on “I AGREE” button shall be deemed to be an act of acceptance by the customer to be bound by the terms and conditions of the instant Privacy Policy, with free will and consent.

The acceptance of the customer to the terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy and the subsequent furnishing of information by the customer shall be deemed to give a right to the Company, that the information so collected can be stored/processed/used/transferred by the Company, in order to give effect to the services offered by the Company or for any other purpose which the Company is bound to perform by effect of the law in force for the time being.


The expression “online platform/website” will mean the website having the URL “” and the mobile application so created for the purpose of availing services offered by the Company.

The expression, “WE”, “US”, “OUR”, “OURS”, “OURSELF” and “COMPANY” will mean Kundan Gold Private Limited unless until the context suggests otherwise.

The expression, “YOU”, “YOUR”, “YOURS” or “YOURSELF” will mean “the customer/user” who is availing the services provided on the online platform/website.

The expression “service” or “services” will mean and include all the features provided by the Company to the customer on the online platform/website.


The Privacy Policy is a document in electronic form, drafted in terms of the Information Technology Act, 2000 and rules therein and is in the form of a contract

which do not require any physical/digital signature to be binding on any of the parties to the Privacy Policy.

The Privacy Policy will be a binding contract between the Company on one side and the customer on other side, and the terms and conditions as mentioned herein, shall come into effect immediately after the same have been accepted by the customer by clicking on “I AGREE” button provided at the end of the instant Privacy Policy.

Only the users above age of 18 shall be allowed to register on the online platform/website for the purpose of availing the services offered by the Company.


The customer, for the purpose of availing the services offered by the Company shall be required to furnish certain information which shall be required by the Company for the purpose of completing KYC formalities, to process the requests of the customers to avail services and to provide a better service to the customers in order to offer them options according to their customization and needs.

While you use our website as a guest or a registered user, we may have automatic access to (receive and collect) certain anonymous information in standard usage logs through our web server, obtained from cookies sent to your browser from web server cookies stored on your hard drive, including but not limited to:

a. Computer-identification information.

b. IP address, assigned to the computer which you use.

c. The domain server through which you access our service.

d. The type of computer you are using.

e. The type of web browser you are using

NOTE: You may choose not to give us the access to this information by not allowing the access to cookies.

While you are transacting on our website, personally identifiable information collected about you may include but not limited to:

i. First and last name.

ii. Email address.

iii. Contact details including phone numbers.

iv. PIN/ZIP code: Demographic profile (like your age, gender, occupation, education, address and durables owned).

v. Personal preferences and interests (such as books, movies, music and so on); and

vi. Your opinion on services, products, features on our websites.

vii. PAN Card Details

viii. GSTIN and Office Address (In case the customer is a proprietor/company/dealer etc.)

We may also collect the following information about:

1. The pages you visit/access.

2. The links you click on our website. (If any)

3. The number of times you access the page.

Any information provided by the user on MGK shall be presumed to be correct by the Company, as provided by the user and only the user shall be liable for action prescribed under the relevant law for the time being in force, for providing incorrect information.

The information furnished by the customers may be used by the Company for the purpose of processing the request of customers for availing services and to further improve the quality of service to be provided to the customer.

The information furnished by the customers for ‘availing the services’/’using the website’ shall not be considered ‘sensitive’ and thereby, will not have any additional liability upon the Company.


We will collect anonymous traffic information from you when you visit our website. We collect the personally identifiable information from you when you register with us. During registration you are required to give us your contact information (such as name, email address, date of birth, gender, billing address, delivery address, pin code, mobile number, occupation, interests etc.)

Upon registration users may receive communications from the Company (e.g. new offers, updates).We use this information to contact you about the services you are using on our website and services in which you have expressed interest. When you purchase a product or service from us, we request certain personally identifiable information from you on our order form, in order to be able to fulfill your requested service. You must provide contact information (such as name, email, and shipping address).

We use this information for billing purposes and to fill your orders. If we have trouble processing an order, we will use this information to contact you. We are the sole owners of your information collected by us at different points on our Website.


The ‘information’ furnished by the users in order to avail services is kept confidential with the Company and only in certain specific situations, mentioned herein below, may that information be shared with a third party (anyone other than the Company) without the express consent of the users:

a. If the information so furnished is required to be shared with a third party in furtherance of an Order of a Court or by any authority of law.

b. If the information so furnished, is sought by an authorized body in order to investigate/maintain/secure etc. a situation of online fraud/cyber security/any other crime capable of being committed through online platform/website.

c. If the information so furnished is shared to the employees, agents, officers of the Company in order to process the request of the users to avail the services offered by the Company.

Provided that in all the situations numbered from (a) to (c), shall the Company act in good faith and belief that the sharing of ‘information’ is essential, and also the Company shall ensure that the proper parameters of cyber security and safety are resorted to, while the sharing information with the third party.

The information in all other situations will be in the secure control of the Company and in no circumstances, shall the same shared with a third party.


The users of our website may in certain situations be directed to other website(s) but the Privacy Policy shall be considered to cover only the instant online platform/website and not any other platform/website to which the users may be directed.


The online platform/website of the Company is secured with updated and efficient security technology and tools like SSLV2.0, AES256 Bit Password Encryption required in order to preserve the online platform/website from unauthorized/illegal access by any third party/trespasser.

The information received by the Company is stored in a secured system which is in total control of the Company and all the appropriate measures are being undertaken by the Company to restrict any type of illegal/unauthorized access to the same. The sharing/transfer of the ‘information’ is also processed through a secured channel within the domain of the Company, thereby passing the information, only through secured pass to avoid any kind of security breach.


The Company shall not be liable to the customer for any damages/compensation on account of any case of information loss/destruction occurring because of any reason whatsoever, beyond the control and access of the Company.

The users/customers, by accepting to be a party to the terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy, shall be deemed to be aware of the risks associated with the using of the online platform/website which may result in the loss/destruction of the information furnished by the user/customer to the Company despite the Company having all the requisite tools of cyber security to preserve the information safely, and in no case shall the user be allowed to claim anything against the Company.