Redeeming Digital Gold Online/Offline

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How to redeem digital gold or silver? If this question troubles you, then you are at the right place. When it comes to redeeming this precious metal, the most difficult choice is whether to do it online or offline. The best ways to redeem digital gold or silver are discussed below.


Let’s discuss both of the procedures involved in redeeming your gold investment.
Redeem Online
Follow these steps to successfully redeem your digital gold online.
Step 1
Visit the Official Online Site


Visit the official site and select Redeem.


Click Redeem to be redirected to their official page for redemption purposes.
Step 2
Select the Products


Choose the products you would like to buy.
Step 3
Enable Wallet Transfer
Select “Pay with MGK Wallet” or from the other payment options to enable the wallet transfer.


Enter the OTP to confirm the process.
Step 4
Once your transaction is complete, you will receive an SMS regarding the completion of your transaction. Your product will be delivered to you right on the scheduled date.


That is pretty much it.
Redeem Offline
Step 1
Visit Their Store
Visit the official page. Check their offline partners, save their location and visit their store.


There are currently more than 2,000 offline partners in India.
Step 2
Select Your Products
Once you visit the store, choose the products that you would like to buy.
Step 3
Scan the dealer QR Code Using MGK App
After selecting, scan the QR Code using your MGK app. It will show you the details of the offline partner store.


Now, put the amount to confirm and complete your transaction.
Step 4
Once, the store accepts your payment on the MGK app, the available balance in your MGK wallet will be redeemed to make your purchase.
Quick Tip


  • If your wallet balance is less than the cost of the product purchased, you may pay the balance amount separately.
  • You will have to pay the making charges and the GST cost
  • You can sell/redeem at live rates


You may redeem your digital gold or silver online or offline, but you have to make sure that you understand the processes involved in this.


For safe redeeming and investing in gold or silver, you can consider availing MyGoldKart services. This is a very reliable company that offers digital services so that interested people can easily use their money for investing.
MyGoldKart is a product of Kundan Group, a prominent company that has been ruling the market for two decades now. This company enthusiastically takes part in different manufacturing processes of this metal, which includes refining, designing, manufacturing, and mining.


The digital purchases made through MGK are backed by 99.99% pure physical gold that is kept securely in vaults offered by the security partner BRINKS.


You might want to check digital gold monthly investment plans at MGK. Also, this platform is partnered with reliable logistic partner BVC to make quick deliveries.
The MGK platform is available for both Android and iOS. One can download the app, register, and verify themselves. After verifying, you can start buying or selling digitally.


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