Kundan: A rich legacy and an exciting future

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Looking to buy digital gold or silver jewellery for a special occasion? Planning to buy digital gold coins to gift a loved one? Thinking of buying digital gold or silver to protect your wealth money from market fluctuations?

Whatever may be the reason, chances are you’ll only buy from a trusted and the best platform to buy digital gold. Because the open market for precious metals is filled with counterfeit or impure versions. And only a reputed brand can offer you the peace of mind and the best platform to buy digital gold that your hard earned money is not going to waste. Kundan has been that ISO certified reputed brand for millions of Indians since 1971.

Decades of Expertise

Kundan is a trusted name due to our promise of quality and customer-oriented operations. Well known as the largest private sector gold refinery in India, we use superior technology to fulfill our commitment to quality. Our R&D team has ensured that we are the best refiners in the country in terms of speed, cost effectiveness, and environmental excellence. Whereas our quality assurance team has ensured that we maintain the highest of standards and uphold our promise to our customers.

Over the years Kundan has been the go-to choice for many individuals, dealers and manufacturers. And we have provided them with coins, pendants, jewellery and cast bars of impeccable quality. This has helped us cement the trust of our existing clients and earn the trust of new ones, to become one of the fastest growing gold and silver producers of India.

Going Digital

Since the turn of the century, cyberspace has grown by leaps and bounds. Having multiple physical locations is not enough for any business these days as the customers demand a digital presence to invest in digital gold.

Predicting this trend and being one of the trendsetters in the industry when it comes to technology, we launched our website and online store a few years ago for you to invest in digital gold. However, being a recognized name in the commodity exchange and bullion market, we needed to offer something even more cutting edge and convenient for our next gen customers. We needed to make gold even more accessible to this mobile generation who are looking for quick, bite sized opportunities to invest in digital gold. This need led to the inception of our newest offering, MyGoldKart.

My Gold Kart

This is an online platform from the house of Kundan that lets anyone with internet access buy pure gold. Customers can invest as low as Rs. 1 and be a proud owner of 99.99K pure gold in just a few clicks. The idea is to level the playing field and make this precious metal available to every single citizen of the country by making it affordable. Also, there’s no need to worry about security since buyers will not have it in physical form, which would require safekeeping. MGK is the best platform to buy digital gold.

The future of gold looks promising. These novel ideas and increased accessibility are creating ripples in the market that will have a huge impact in the long run. The time is ripe to own this precious metal and watch your investment grow with each passing day.

So when are you getting started?


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