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Precious Metals that are as illuminating as the sun, the money of kings, the epitome of beauty, wealth & prosperity, both Silver & Gold have been the most sought-after investments and well appreciated gifting options for ages. In many countries, especially in India, any special occasion, celebration or festival is incomplete without buying, wearing or gifting gold & silver. It is highly common in most Indian households and families to Buy Gold or Silver as a major part of their investment portfolios, mainly due to their resale value.

Gold & Silver as gifts, not only express the purest form of love and appreciation to your close ones, they are a way to gift loved ones something which complements the auspiciousness of the occasion and the sanctity of your relationship. It is not just a gift, but a security, an appreciating asset and a valuable gift that would benefit and last them a lifetime.

In the past one year the pandemic has changed the world and the way it celebrates occasions, weddings and festivals. With lockdowns, travel restrictions, limits on the number of guests and the fear of covid-19, it has affected all our lives in ways we never thought of. Where India was known to be a country with an amalgamation of cultures with the greatest number of festivals, celebrations and an ever-booming wedding industry, the past year has changed the scenario completely. Families now meet on Video Calls, get-togethers happen on specially curated ‘House party Apps’ and Weddings take place on online platforms like ‘Zoom’.

With technology, taking over all aspects of our life, business and growth, gone are those days when gold or silver could only be gifted in the form of jewellery, coins, bars etc. In today’s day and age, one can gift, buy or sell the purest gold in digital form in a matter of minutes.

Digitalised transactions for commodities like Silver & Gold have become the new age mantra for every tech savvy millennial. Riding and adapting to this digitalization wave, KUNDAN GOLD PVT LTD. has introduced their very own Digital Gold Platform – My Gold Kart.

Buying, Selling and Gifting digital gold online, on this platform is as easy as a mere fund transfer online. With an impeccably designed website and app, MyGoldKart is an extremely easy to navigate platform that allows the customers to send and receive Digital gold as gifts to their loved ones, anywhere, anytime at the tap of a finger. The process has been designed by experts and uses latest software to make it as simple and quick as possible.

Customers who wish to Gift or Buy Digital Gold or Silver online can just sign up on the MGK Website or App & choose to gift digital gold or silver to any of their loved ones with just a click. Apart from gifting and receiving gold in digital form through MyGoldKart, Customers may choose to get physical gold delivered to their doorstep as well. 


When it’s as easy, transparent and affordable as this, what’s stopping you from going on MyGoldKart and gifting the luxury of gold to your loved ones today!

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  1. MyGoldKart is a perfect website for people like me who spends more than what we earn, but somehow wish to save some wealth. The website is really easy to use and helps me track my investments.

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