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Digital gold is one of the most preferred and trusted ways of investing in gold. It comes with ease as you can quickly buy, store, and sell gold without any hassle. Also, you do not have to make any minimum investment to start your digital gold investment journey.


If you are wondering how to sell digital gold, we have got you covered. In this blog, we will discuss key things you must keep in mind while selling digital gold & the process of selling it. Let’s get started with it.


Things to Know About Selling Gold


Selling digital gold seems easy, but it is not. In fact, lack of knowledge and diligence can come in your way of making the correct selling decision. In the end, you would not get a fair price. So, here are some factors you must consider before selling.


Price of Gold


When you are selling, you must know thedigital gold price today. When you know the latest price of gold, you can have an idea of what to expect after selling.


If there is even a small fluctuation in the gold price, you might not get the exact price. So, it is better to avoid this precious yellow metal during fluctuations.


Choose a Trustworthy Platform


It is important to choose a reliable platform for selling online gold. You might wonder why? That is because only a reliable platform can offer you trust value for your sale. heck the background of the seller too.


MyGoldKart: Your Reliable Partner


No matter if you want to buy or sell digital gold, as long as you want to do it safely, you must choose a trusted platform, like MyGoldKart. It is a well-known platform that was started with a single aim of helping people buy and sell gold safely.


Just like MyGoldKart, there are other platforms as well. But this one stands out as it is user-friendly and easy to understand with hassle-free navigation.


MyGoldKart is one of the few platforms that lets you sell digital gold or redeem it in physical form. So, if you were wondering where and when to sell digital gold, you should do it now.

If you choose to cash out, the money for sale will be transferred to your bank. Similarly, you can get the gold delivered to your doorstep if you want to redeem your wallet balance.


Steps to Sell Digital Gold on MyGoldKart


For encashing digital gold with MyGoldKart, follow the below-mentioned steps.


  • Sell gold or silver: The first thing you need to do is enter the weight in grams or amount of the gold or silver you want to sell. After that, click on proceed to sell.
  • Confirm the transfer method: The second step requires you to confirm the transfer method. For instance, if you are transferring to a bank account, you must enter your bank account details. If not this, you can simply transfer it to your MGK wallet.
  • Bank credit or wallet credit: Based on your transfer method, you can expect money to get credited either to your bank account or wallet. With this, you will also get a purchase confirmation to your email id.


To get the right price for your sale, only choose MyGoldKart. Also, you can buy 24k pure digital gold through this platform.


So, hurry and start selling your digital gold safely.


  1. Good Blog! Thank you for sharing such useful information. Recommend everyone to give it a try and I am definitely going to try out your app and digital gold.

  2. I have still been relying on the traditional way of investing in gold. Glad to get familiar with this new and efficient way of gold investing that makes selling quite easy.

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