Digitalized Investments – The New Age Commodity

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Gold is an appealing precious commodity and a safe refuge when it comes to investment portfolios. In a country like India where gold holds an auspicious importance on special occasions, it is believed to not only secure wealth but is also considered an incredible liquid asset, which can lead to unexpected yields with less hazard.

Buying solid gold in the form of coins, bars or ornaments has been a common investment practice for decades, however these forms of gold come with their own set of drawbacks such as high making charges, lower resale value and additional safety measures and storage charges at bank lockers and vaults.

While the world adapts to the growing digital culture and smoother online banking functionality, there are various new age digitalised options for people looking to invest in gold online.


Digitalization is now taking over every sphere of life, including investments, and Investment in Digital Gold has become an easy, transparent and effective way for investors interested in gold.

It is a modern investment alternative available to people looking to invest in physical gold. Digital Gold can be bought online at a fraction of the price of physical gold, in smaller denominations or grammage, and stored in secured physical vaults by the service provider on the customer’s behalf. Even selling of the units of digital gold can take place online, at the current market price of gold. On such instance, the exact quantity of gold is removed from the vault and liquidated according to the customer’s preference into liquid cash or physical gold.

While buying digital gold online, you purchase 24K 99.9% pure gold digitally, with a very low input value through various internet banking and digital payment platforms, anywhere, anytime without having to physically purchase or store it. It is the most efficient, transparent and cost-effective way of investing in gold, while getting the most out of your savings in today’s day & age.

Having been the largest private gold refinery in India for 2 decades, Kundan Gold has established its presence across all components of the Gold value chain from Mining, Refining, Designing and Manufacturing. Kundan Gold has proudly been Serving, Building Trust & Fulfilling Dreams of their customers to invest in Gold for years and with each passing year, we endeavor to upgrade our technical know-how, backend teams and aesthetic aura in these ever-evolving times.


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