Digital Gold: How It Works & How Can You Deal In It?

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Digital Gold refers to a new way of buying precious metals online from the comfort of your home. Under this, you don’t need to hold the gold physically, but you can still own it while it is kept safely under secured vaults.


Digital gold comes with the guarantee of purity and security. It is a great investment option where you can buy 24k pure gold online.


People who want to invest in gold, but feel scared regarding safekeeping the physical gold can consider buying it. This is because the responsibility of keeping it secure lies with the seller and the owner can stay relaxed while having insurance coverage for unforeseen circumstances.


In this blog, we’re going to discuss how buying digital gold works and how you can crack a good deal by investing in it. Read further to know.


How does Buying Digital Gold Work? 


When an investor buy digital gold online, it is stored safely in a secured vault in the exact quantity as purchased. As investors, you get access to this vault without paying any additional storage charges for keeping it safe.


The transaction happens at market prices only, so no one tampers with the digital gold price. Hence, there is transparency throughout the process.


How to Buy, Sell, & Redeem Digital Gold?


You can buy, sell or redeem digital gold easily. To do this, you need to register on our platform by providing your name, contact number, and email id from where you will purchase the gold. After successful registration, you can login to the portal to know real-time market prices of gold, and start buying, selling or redeeming it in minutes.


Buying Digital Gold:


  • Select the amount of digital gold you want to purchase, either by weight or price (INR).
  • After selecting the amount of gold, you will be redirected to the payment gateway. Make the online payment through any of the methods, and the gold is yours.

Selling Digital Gold:


Redeeming Digital Gold:


  • To redeem digital gold, first, you need to decide whether you wish to redeem it in coins, cash, bars, or any other form.
  • Next, select the amount of gold you wish to redeem. Based on the quantity, you need to select several coins, cash amount, or bars.
  • Review the charges that are required for minting of the gold and also check the delivery charges (in case of online redemption).
  • Once you have reviewed the prices, you will be taken to the payment gateway where you need to redeem digital gold. The selected quantity of gold will be deducted from the account.



Digital Gold is becoming a preferable choice for investment for several people out there. The best part is that there is no minimum cap on the amount of investment; hence you can always do it starting from a low price, which is Re. 1 On MyGoldKart.


At MyGoldKart, we help our customers in buying, selling, and redeeming digital gold with safety and convenience. We ensure to take all the measures to safeguard the interests of our investors through insurance coverages. Among other things, the quality of digital gold is never compromised.
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  1. This blog was really helpful in letting me understand the benefits of digital gold. The ease of buying, selling and redeeming digital gold is beyond comparison to any other investments.

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