Buying Gold on MyGoldKart for Investment Purpose

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Digital gold has become the flavour of the season, mainly because the advantages of investing in gold online are more than physical gold. The youth are especially showing interest in digital gold investments. And this has made digital gold gain a good reputation.


After the Covid lockdown, digital gold has seen a massive demand in the market. As per reports, there has been a 150% increase in digital gold vaults since last year.


In simpler terms, digital gold can be seen as a tool that can be used to invest in the market’s digital form. One can start investing in it at as low as one Rupee. The concept of digital gold is indeed new to India, but it’s easy to understand.


Different Ways to Invest in Digital Gold


If you want to buy 24k gold online, here are a few ways you can do it.


Sovereign Gold Bonds


The interesting thing about sovereign gold bonds is that the RBI issued them. In 2015, these bonds were introduced under the Gold Monetization Scheme.


This bond has an interest rate of 2.5%, which RBI pays semi-annually, adding to the yield. Another interesting thing about sovereign gold bonds is that it has an expiry time of eight years. And in the fifth year, the RBI provides a redemption option.


Gold ETFs


Gold ETFs are similar to mutual funds. One can purchase its units from the stock exchange.


The reason people show an interest in EFT is because it is an excellent way to invest in gold in small quantities. So, if you want to invest in a small quality of gold and keep it in your Demat account, you should choose this option.


Digital Gold Wallets


Digital gold wallets are another way of investing- many companies are offering this option. The purchased digital gold is stored in secured lockers. With the wallet option, you can buy digital gold starting from as low as 1 Rupee.


MyGoldKart for Buying Digital Gold


If you want to keep the purchased gold safely without going through the burden of renting a locker, then you must buy digital gold. Another added benefit of digital gold is that it’s free from any making charges.


And if you want to invest in it, you should trust MyGoldKart. It is a new age platform specially designed for people who want to purchase and transparently know digital gold prices.


In 2020, Mr. Vidit Garg started this platform. The best thing about this platform is that it is in sync with the latest trends and technology. This platform is strategically designed for customers to navigate the interface and use the platform easily.


MyGoldKart is from the house of  Kundan Group, a company leading the gold market for two decades. Kundan is the largest private gold refiner in India. This company has established a good reputation and has a gold value chain from mining, designing, manufacturing, and refining. This company has constantly evolved over the years.


Talking about MyGoldKart, one can access this platform on Android and iOS. It is great for both long-term and short-term investors. You can start investing in digital gold and know the digital gold prices by simply downloading the app, registering, and verifying yourself.


Once you are verified, you can start buying or selling digital gold. Once you have enough digital gold, you can easily redeem it. MyGoldKart makes investment in digital gold extremely easy and quick.